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Indica 1:1 Cannabis Oils Drops Orange Flavour


Simple, natural and versatile. The new Twisted Extracts Drops are made with only two ingredients; cannabis extract and avocado oil.


Twisted Extracts 1:1 Indica Tinctures provides a consistent and reliable delivery system for the ingestion of Cannabis.

Uses: Anxiety | Inflammation | Pain | Insomnia

Effects: Sleepy | Chill | Calm

Total servings: 150mg CBD + 150mg THC per package

Serving size:  (5 mg CBD + 5 mg THC) per Full Dropper (1 mL)




Whatever your dose, these drops make it easy to incorporate cannabis and CBD into your daily routine. Add it to your coffee or mix it into a salad dressing, the possibilities are endless.They’re vegan, sugar free and are made using the same cannabis extracts that we use in our Indica, Sativa and CBD products, so your customers can experience the same effects they’re used to.



WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.Ingredients: Avocado oil, 100% pure orange oil, Indica dominant cannabis oil, CBD.Active Ingredients: Indica dominant cannabis extract, CBD. Directions: Shake bottle before opening.


Take desired dose (we recommend starting with 1 mL if you’re new to ingestible cannabis and CBD). Allow 90 minutes for full effect before an additional dose is considered. Take with food for best results.To maximize sublingual uptake, hold liquid under your tongue for 30-90 seconds, then swallow.Storage instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, dry place.

1/1 Tincture Drops | Indica | 150mg CBD & 150mg THC | Twisted Extracts

C$35.00 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price
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