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Cartridge Type: Verified Vapes All-Ceramic Cartridge (510 thread)

1 gram 100% Sauce (HTHCFSE) (High Terpene High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract)

made in British Columbia


High Voltage Extracts (HVE) already one of Canada’s premier Extract House’s decided to up their game with a full 100% Sauce Cartridge. The usual HVE cartridges feature 50% distillate. NOT THESE BAD BOYS!

We are super proud to offer the widest variety of High Voltage Extracts carts for the best prices available. The line up of strains is constantly changing and we do our best to keep popular strains in stock as best we can.

Here at CV HQ we are all about the #highvoltageextracts and if you have not given them a go we suggest you fire one up! We offer Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options.

Vape Cartridge - 100% Sauce - 1ml

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