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It’s easy to confuse these cannabis concentrates since they sound so similar. Broadly speaking, rosin is solvent-less and typically produced through heat and pressure, without any chemicals. While resin, on the other hand, is a sticky substance secreted by trichomes on cannabis plants. It can also be a type of extract processed through a solvent extraction method using chemicals such as propane and butane.

Both rosin and resin are made from the dried cannabis material. If you encounter such other terms as “live rosin” and “live resin”, those extracts were produced using frozen herbs instead of dried flowers. Generally, the process of making rosin is more labor-intensive and costly, so this concentrate is more expensive than resin. But it offers a cleaner extract since making rosins doesn’t involve using any chemicals. In contrast, resins require solvents and a closed-loop system, and they should only be produced by licensed professionals in a certified laboratory. These products can only be purchased in a legal market that requires product testing.


As you decide between these two cannabis concentrates, it’s important to focus on their relative potency. Generally, resins are more potent than rosins since their production is a bit more complex and exacting. Solvent extraction produces a maximum amount of THC with every batch. Rosin production is more accessible and less stringent, so the THC levels are not as high. But that’s not to say rosins are impotent- they are simply not as strong as resins.


Resin is usually more potent than rosin, but the effects of these two cannabis concentrates are almost similar. If they are sourced from the same strain, it’s possible extracts would produce similar benefits at varying levels. But as underscored, they are two different products with specific properties. The effects of these extracts may also depend on external factors, especially how you consume them.

What About Hash Rosin?

Some of the highest-quality cannabis rosin comes from pressing bubble hash in a rosin press. Cannabis rosin made from marijuana bubble hash is so pure that you can dab it. That’s not the only way you can consume cannabis rosin, though. In fact, hash rosin is a highly versatile concentrate. For example, you can mix it with flower in a joint or bowl to give it a little extra kick. Or, you can drop a glob into the chamber of a vape pen made for concentrates. Hash rosin’s versatility is one of its major selling points.

Bottom Line

What sets rosin apart from solvent-based products is the fact that it’s a solvent-less process. This is highly attractive to health-conscious cannabis consumers. Additionally, the production of solvent-based concentrates can take up to a full day, while solvent-less rosin machines can produce products with high yield almost instantly.

BHO is a high-volume product, while solvent-less hash products are more artisanal, similar to small output craft breweries. Solvent-less cannabis rosin produces less yield, but the result tends to be of higher quality. High-quality starting material is crucial to producing good rosin.

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