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Gas Cake: Strain Review

Gas Cake is another unique release from the famous California seed company, Jungle Boys, bred by Gage Green Genetics. A funky indica-leaning balanced hybrid, the aptly-named Gas Cake is a treat for nearly all of your senses, with a potency that will make you think you’ve gained a few extra senses, as well.

Gas Cake is a sweet, gassy, creamy, fruity cake flavour, large yields of potent dense flowers.


Gas Cake lineage is an exciting journey of hybrids and phenotypes, featuring a parentage of High Octane and Jungle Cake. High Octane is a unique house-chosen Headband cultivar born from an excellent cross Sour Diesel x OG Kush.

Jungle Cake is a White Fire #43 x Wedding Cake cross, initially bred by seed bank powerhouse Gage Green Genetics.

However, Gage Green go one step farther with their own house genetics, utilizing their favourite fourth-generation Jungle Cake phenotype (known as Vanilla Frosting) to create the tantalizing aromas and effects of Gas Cake.

Terpene Profile

Gas Cake aromas and flavours are nearly as complex as its lineage. A gassy base is coated with sweet and creamy vanilla cake. Hints of sweet fruit add a finishing touch to this funky dessert, with inhalations marked by a frosting-like sweetness.

Gas Cake dominant terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Much like the rest of the lovely “Cake” genetic line, the sweet cake and vanilla notes of Gas Cake are born of a unique combination of caryophyllene and limonene. Additionally, the dank fruit and sharp diesel notes come from a rich blend of myrcene and limonene terps.


The specific effects of Gas Cake are still being reported at this time. However, by looking back at its indica-heavy genetics, you can expect potent body effects with just enough sativa influence to keep your head clear. Like its OG Kush-inspired ancestry, the heavy dose of myrcene should deliver a strong body high, but the buzzy limonene should ensure an uplifted and happy mind while your body is wrapped in soothing relaxation.

Gas Cake THC levels are yet to be reported, but its parents both reach over 30%, and if the usual strength of Jungle Boys Seed co is any indication, Gas Cake seeds should peak even higher. Plan on enjoying this strain during the second half of your day or on a lazy weekend, as it should be perfect for stress-free couch lounging with your favourite book.

Medical Benefits

Gas Cake will make a great addition to any medicinal garden. Look for this strain’s rich terpene and cannabinoid content to provide full-body pain relief through its combination of myrcene, CBD-mimicking caryophyllene, and THC.

Like its parent strains, Jungle Boys Seeds Gas Cake seeds should provide potent medication against chronic pain and insomnia. Additionally, the limonene within Gas Cake weed should clear the mind of heavy thoughts and help ease symptoms of depression.

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