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Cannabis Concentrates - Best in Canada

EL CHAPO 1st wash 70-149 LIVE ROSIN BY THE SQUISHLIST Hand washed in our custom stainless steel wash unit. They only do a very light and short first wash with Everything is single source also a unique style cold cure that they do makes their product on to the premium level


Live Rosin by Gastown (2 Gram) is one of the rarest live rosins on the market. The creator, Gastown Collective, only makes this high-end product when it finds the necessary materials, which are quite rare, so the product is very exclusive. Using latest manufacturing technologies, the best solvents on the market, and full-spectrum extracts, Gastown Collective builds up to a superb live rosin of the best quality. Dabbing this little gem from Gastown Collective will set you on a path of no return. The Canadian team of weed geneticists and growers have outdone themselves again, with a product so delicious and potent that few things can match it. Full-Spectrum rosin is one of the rarest concentrates available, since the materials needed to make it are scarce. Even Gastown Collective only gets its hands on them rarely, leading up to what we have here!


High Voltage Extracts

Top Quality Extracts, Made With Care.


Also known as FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) or HTHCFSE (High Cannabinoid High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract). This process begins with a single pass extraction of high-grade live plants, followed by a long and slow curing process. This produces a Full Spectrum Extract (FSE), which is essentially a snapshot of all the biologically available molecules found in the living plant. This process does more than just isolate the THC; Full Spectrum Extracts capture more unique cannabinoids and terpenes than any other extraction method. It captures the essence of the living plant.

Live Resin is born when live flowers are flash-frozen and put through a Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction process. The result is a concentrated THC product, which preserves as many terpenes and biomolecules as possible. The oil is processed and cured into a variety of products which can vary greatly in consistency and appearance, from dry and crumbly (wax-like) textures, to a more wet and oily resin.

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