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Best Bathbomb Products

It looks like CBD can be found in many kinds of products these days. Located in oils, tinctures, gummies, creams, and now even in bath bombs. If you care about your body and mind, you may be interested in finding new ways to relax. CBD bath bombs may be the next best product just for you.

In this article, let us dive into the best bath bomb products that recently hit Canada in 2021. No, we are not talking about regular bath bombs. We will look into CBD bath bombs and why they are the hottest products to try for your next relaxing bath.

What are Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are spherical blends of skin cleansing ingredients, oils, and fragrance extracts that you can put in the tub before taking a relaxing bath. The main components of a bath bomb are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda.

When baking soda and citric acid dissolve in water, they create a familiar fizzing effect on the tub. As soon as the reaction occurs, the bath bomb breaks apart and releases all its active ingredients in the water. The aromatic scents, the skin softeners, and the cleansers make the bath relaxing and enjoyable.

Some of the usual bath oils used to make bath bombs include hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, lavender oil, and other essential oils. They also come in different fragrances that are soothing to the senses. Lavender, peppermint, and other perfume fragrances are added to enhance the bathing experience. Other ingredients include extracts from witch hazel, oatmeal, and flower petals.

As you begin with your self-care rituals, bathe, and unwind in the

tub, the bath products work their way into your skin to cleanse the pores, rejuvenate it, loosen the nerves, relax the muscles, and soothe the senses.

The Benefits of Bath Bombs

Bask in the Fragrance of the Bath Oils

With the few minutes you spend for bath time,

you are going to experience heavenly fragrances from the bath bomb. The aroma and the effects depend on the ingredients used. Lavender has a relaxing feel to it, while mimosa flowers invigorate with their tropical scent.

Remove the Roughness of Dry Skin

As soon as the bomb dissolves in water, the fizzes

created by the citric acid and baking soda helps to loosen the damaged layers of skin. The softened bathwater and the bath products, specifically the oils, moisturize the skin and hydrate it to make it as soft and supple as possible.

Relieves Tension, Relaxes the Body, and Soothes the Mind

When you come home from a hard day’s work, your body is tense, your muscles are sore, and your mind is troubled by many things. A warm bath with a bath bomb will ease your tensions away, relax your muscles and nerves, and soothe every stress and anxiety that fills your mind.

Feel Detoxified, Refreshed, and Renewed

Bath bombs cleanse the body of different kinds of toxic materials. The bathwater will rinse off any harmful substances that may have clung to your skin. Baking soda is an alkaline compound and is effective in removing any toxins from your body. As you get out of the tub, you will feel refreshed and renewed.

Why CBD Bath Bombs are the Next Best Thing in Self Care

We all know that the skin plays an essential part in protecting our tissues and internal organs. The skin provides a barrier between the outside world and various tissues. Substances from the outside cannot simply enter the skin barrier. The layers of skin also protect the circulatory system, the primary cannabinoid delivery system of the body.

If you have tried placing a CBD or THC patch on your skin or applied CBD oil on areas with inflamed muscles, then you know that topical cannabis can produce pain relief and a body high. That is the same effect produced by having a bath with CBD bath bombs. The bombs release CBD into the water and get absorbed by the skin. The compound then provides relaxing effects to the mind and body.

When there is enough oil in the bath, it helps the cannabinoid get assimilated through percutaneous absorption. Although it is not as effective as smoking, vaping, or eating, percutaneous absorption allows the THC and CBD in the water to pass through the skin and enter into the bloodstream. The level of absorption depends on the concentration of the cannabinoids present during the bath.

CBD is one of the most promising compounds in healthcare. It can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and relax the mind and body generally. It is best to take it under the tongue for best results. However, mixing it in the bath is a whole new kind of experience.

To increase the body’s absorption rate of CBD and its bioavailability, it is crucial to infuse it into essential oils. The oil acts as a carrier for the oil-soluble compound. That is the primary reason CBD is usually sold as an oil. This is true with body products and bath products, as well. For the body to readily absorb CBD, it has to

have essential oils.

To enhance the absorption of CBD in the bathwater, it is also vital to bathe with warm water. The warmth opens up the skin’s pores, which allows the active ingredients to enter the pores more readily.

What to Look for in Bath Bombs

First of all, always check the amount of CBD and THC present in the product. You can easily find this written on the description of the product on the packaging or the product page on a website. The concentration of CBD and THC will affect how much your body will absorb.

A CBD bath bomb is generally safe for sensitive skin, but it may contain other ingredients that aggravate your skin condition. Always check for the list of ingredients found in the product and perform due diligence. Learn more about the oils and extracts found in the bath products you purchase and determine if your skin is compatible with them.

It is an absolute must to research the ingredients in bath products. For example, lavender oil is a product mainly for the relaxation of your mind and body. However, it may also put you in a good mood for sleep. If you are not ready to go to bed yet, then you should not use products that contain lavender during bath time.

If you buy from a local dispensary, it is worth it to smell the products to get a good idea of the fragrance. The scent is the only thing that you cannot sense when shopping online. Even if the product is scented, you cannot tell if the smell will bring relaxation or invigoration.

How to Use A Bath Bomb Properly

A bath bomb is an easy product to use. Just drop it in a tub of water and let it soak and bubble. As soon as the product dissolves and the air is filled with fragrant aroma, dip your body into the soothing water and unwind. Enjoy the bubble bath and breathe the scented air.

If you want to enhance the atmosphere of your baths, you can create a romantic mood by using candles to light the bathroom. Place flowers on the walls and scatter petals on the floor. You can do this to surprise your significant other. Prepare a bath and allow the magic of CBD to spark love into your hearts once more.

Always pay attention to the concentration of CBD on the product. If you are new to CBD, start with the lowest concentrations. If you do not want to get high, do not buy products that contain THC.


Will CBD bath bombs make you high?

CBD products will not get you high. Nonetheless, if you choose bath bombs that contain enough THC to penetrate the skin barrier, then you may get high after taking a bath.

Most of the CBD and THC will remain on the skin and are not absorbed into the bloodstream. However, warm water may open up the pores and allow more of the cannabinoid to get a chance to be absorbed. The essential oils may also help carry the THC into the bloodstream.

As more THC molecules enter the circulatory system, they are carried into the brain. The THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, influences the serotonin receptors, increases anandamide release, and causes a mild euphoric high.

If you are worried about marijuana showing up on a drug test, make sure to take a bath using bath products that do not contain THC.

Is the bath bomb Safe for Sensitive Skin?

That depends on the ingredients found in the bath bomb. Before you buy any product for bathing or skincare, always check its components and determine if you are allergic to any of them. Make sure to read user reviews and comments on the product, as well.

How long should you soak in a bath?

Generally, you should soak yourself for about 15 minutes in the tub, or you may extend your bath until your skin starts to look wrinkled. Take a shower afterward to get rid of some leftover residue on your body.

How long do CBD effects last?

It depends from person to person because there are factors that affect the potency of CBD. Some of these factors include body weight, metabolism levels, age, and the chemical makeup of the body. Generally, CBD effects last around three to six hours.

How soon will the effects kick in?

The CBD on topicals will act quickly on the body. As soon as you are in the tub, the skin will loosen up and absorb the CBD in the water. On average, you will feel the effects kick in about 15 minutes.

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