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Bud size: Medium

Flavour: Earthy / herbal / pungent / gas

Experience: Heavy and stoney cerebral + body high

Medical Use: pain / stress / cramps / anxiety / sleeplessness

THC%: 31-32% CBD: 1% craft by Fraser Valley Farms


The out-of-this-world experience of Pink Patron is due to the pheno-hunted Pink Kush strains used in this cross, pure indica.

Pink Patron is designed specifically for cannabis users looking for the ultimate euphoric high. The THC concentrations in Pink Patron result in impressive body highs. Users report feeling a strong sense of relaxation, positivity and even waves of euphoria. Mental stimulation is also associated with THC and users may experience heightened clarity and creativity.

Pink Patrón

PriceFrom C$40.00
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