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Bud Size: Medium

Texture: Semi-Dense ; Semi- fluffy

Flavour: Citrus / Fruity / Grapefruit / Skunky / Sweet / Tropical

Medical Usage: ADD/ Anxiety / Depression / Fatigue / Hyperactivity / Inflammation / Stress

THC: 20-26% CBD:>1%


Island Sweet Skunk, also known as ISS or Sweet Island Skunk, has been cultivated on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, for decades.


Smelling and tasting like sweet citrus with a bit of skunk, Island Sweet Skunk is a strain that starts with a perky upbeat high, quickly followed by a soft body buzz.

This hybrid can have as much as 26% THC and maybe effective daytime medication for minor aches, arthritis, nausea, and appetite loss. Island Sweet Skunk can encourage a good mood and can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. Users often feel focused and creative. It may also help with migraines, fatigue, and nerve pain.

Island Sweet Skunk

PriceFrom C$25.00
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