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Bud Size: Small

Texture: Dense & Perfect Cure

Flavour: Berry / Wine / Diesel / Pungent / Spicy / Woody

Medical Usage: ADD / Anxiety / Bipolar Disorder / Depression / Pain / PMS / Stress

THC: 26 – 30% CBD: 1% 50/50 Hybrid


Ice Wine is a magical balance of both Sativa and Indica genes, derived from Skunk, Northern Lights, Shiva and an Afghani landrace. making for an intense head-high that boosts your mood immediately – Creative energy will flow through you like never before! Don’t be mistaken though: this isn’t related to its distant relative Ice Cream despite the similar names.


Ice wine offers a unique mixture of being both calming and energizing. It has been known to help with conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness, everyday stress, and lack of appetite. However, its effects are not enough for seizure disorders or any other condition that requires CBD specifically; due to the low dosage in Ice wine it is not an effective treatment modality on its own.

Ice Wine

PriceFrom C$30.00
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