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Activated Headache Remedy Bottle: 10 ml
CBD: 200 mg


The Override helps to alleviate painful headaches and migraines. With plant botanicals and full spectrum medical grade CBD, this penetrating formula helps reduce the tension and soothe the pain. Small enough to bring anywhere, so you can soothe your headaches on the go, and fast. Recommended Use: Apply to the crown of the head, temples, behind the ears, and neck. Re-apply as needed. Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil (cocos nucifera), Peppermint (mentha balsamea), Cajeput (melaleuca leucadendra), Rosemary (salvia rosmarinus), Lavender (lavandula), Chamomile (matricaria chamomilla), Vetiver (chrysopogon zizanioides), Full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol).

Discover focused relief with Daily Remedy The Target Relief Roller, crafted with 200mg of CBD for precise application and effective results.

The Override Relief Roller - 200MG CBD

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