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Bud Size: Medium

Texture: Semi-Fluffy & Perfect Cure

Flavour: Earthy / Floral / Herbal / Pine / Pungent / Spicy / Sweet / Woody

Medical Usage: ADD / Anxiety / Appetite / Depression / Fatigue / Insomnia / Pain / PTSD

THC: 23 – 27% CBD: 1%


An original “landrace” strain native to the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani is a pure indica prized for its potency and sturdy genetics. Perfected and balanced over centuries by both natural selection and human cultivation, this vintage variety was likely brought to the west before Afghanistan banned cannabis production in 1973 under pressure from the Nixon administration. Afghani has been used to breed popular child strains like Northern Lights and Blueberry, both Cannabis Cup winners. In the frenzied market for new crossbred strains, this building block strain – also known as Afghani #1


Cured Afghani buds are pale to medium green with a preponderance of orange hairs and a thick coating of trichomes. They should be very resinous and tacky to the touch. This is a famously pungent strain: Afghani nugs have a skunky, diesel-like odour with notes of citrus. The earthy notes are intensified when buds are ground or broken open. As with many indicas, smoke is harsh and thick and can hang in the back of the throat, inducing coughing.


Because it’s a pure indica, recreational users of Afghani can expect a deep body high and general pervasive relaxation. Some users report appetite stimulation as well. Plan on nighttime consumption, either alone or with good friends, as this strain, tends towards heavy couchlock and sleepiness.

Afghani Kush

PriceFrom C$25.00
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