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Roy Jones LSO

Bud Size: Medium 

Texture: Dense, Sticky, Perfect Cure

Flavour: Gas / Pungent / Skunk / Earthy

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Sedated

Medical: Pain, Depression, Stress, Anxiety

THC: 33-35% CBD: 1% LSO by Terpy Vibes


Roy Jones Jr. also known as "Knock Out," is a fairly new highly potent indica that is well-regarded for its powerful effects and medicinal benefits. This strain typically produces a deeply relaxing and euphoric high, which can lead to drowsiness and a sense of heaviness, making it ideal for evening use or for those who struggle with insomnia. It's also effective in alleviating stress, anxiety, and chronic pain

The aroma of is pungent with earthy and skunky undertones, complemented by a sweet and herbal flavor profile. This strain often exhibits dense, sticky buds that are light green in colour with a generous coating of crystals.

For those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, or stress, Roy Jones Jr. provides a soothing and calming experience​.

Roy Jones LSO

PriceFrom C$50.00
  • Living soil is often thought of as planting material that centers on compost and has an active microbiology and biodiversity, which can include worms and their castings, protozoa, healthy bacteria, amoebas, kelp extracts and even glacial rock dust.

    Cultivators who create a biodiverse growing media don’t need to rely on fertilizers because microbes eat and digest compounds that create bioavailable fertilizers.

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