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  • Nano-Optimized: Our proprietary nanotechnology refines THC into microscopically small particles, unlocking heightened bioavailability.
  • Swift Experience: Due to the expedited absorption of nano-THC, users can anticipate quicker, more immediate effects.
  • Precision Consumption: With 300mg of D9-THC, this formula is perfect for those seeking a more controlled and moderate experience.
  • Versatile Form: A smooth syrup consistency allows for easy direct consumption or blending into beverages.
  • Standard of Purity: Every batch undergoes stringent lab testing, ensuring consistent quality, purity, and safety – a testament to the VanCityLabs legacy.

Usage Instructions:

Ensure a thorough shake before using. Given the enhanced potency of nano-formulations, begin with a conservative dose. It’s suitable for direct intake or as an additive to your preferred drink.

Cannalean Mini Bottle – 300MG

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